These Silent Secrets

Neon Nightmares: Part 1

October 31st, 2023

Part 1 of our Halloween Spooktacular! Please enjoy this one-shot ran by Nicole, telling a tale of Halloween night in 1987 in the nearby town of Jacobsville! What spooky shenanigans await??

Also, do remember that this is a two-parter! The second part is already live and you can listen to it RIGHT NOW!

Cast Credits:
MC: Nicole Tuttle-Robb (@nicolevoice)
Zack Tuttle-Robb (@thatguyzackrobb)
Braeden Tuttle (@yeastpapii)
Griffin Coldiron (@GriffCold)

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Special Thanks to...
Chase Greenlee (@TQLoudly) and Ghostlight Media
Nicole Tuttle-Robb

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We are happy to announce TRANSCRIPTS! (Episodes 1-8 now available)

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Music credits

Tune Tank
Alexander Nakarada
Scott Buckley
Justin Allan
FSCM Productions
Alex Productions
Free Stock Music Archives (edited)