These Silent Secrets

Episode 31: We Missed You, I Missed You.

January 24th, 2023

The Home Office is quiet, or so it may seem. The Soup Group charges in to save their friend, who continues to be on the receiving end of a BUNCH of cuts.

CONTENT WARNING: Public Torture sequence continues from Start-13:00.

Cast Credits:
MC: Zachary Tuttle-Robb (@thatguyzackrobb)
Nicole Tuttle-Robb (@nicolevoice)
Mariah Clawson (@_MariahClawson)
Freddie Powers (@Freddie_PowPow)
Marcus Rosenberg (@MarcusRVO)

Special Thanks to...
Chase Greenlee (@TQLoudly) and Ghostlight Media
Nicole Tuttle-Robb
Our friends at Acehearts! (Sawyer "Ferret" Rankin, SmallRedRobin13, and Sydney Marsing) Info can be found by reaching out to @SmallRedRobin13

We are happy to announce TRANSCRIPTS! (Episodes 1-8 now available)

Music credits

Scott Buckley
Tune Tank