These Silent Secrets

Episode 14: What Did We Do, and Who Did We Do It To?

May 31st, 2022

The last events of the same evening come to a close and a new day begins! An unconscious Avery gets a little taste of her own medicine, Isla enjoys some dip alone and continues building friendships, and Kanan and Jason have a tough conversation.

Cast Credits:
MC: Zachary Tuttle-Robb (@thatguyzackrobb)
Nicole Tuttle-Robb (@nicolevoice)
Mariah Clawson (@_MariahClawson)
Freddie Powers (@Freddie_PowPow)
Marcus Rosenberg (@MarcusRVO)

Special Thanks to Chase Greenlee (@TQLoudly) and Ghostlight Media

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Music credits

Scott Buckley
Tune Tank