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Season 1: Down By The Bay


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    Episode 35: Is Anyone Listening?

    March 21st, 2023  |  58 mins 10 secs
    highschool, monsterhearts 2, monsters, the cw
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    Episode 34: What if It Kills Me?

    March 7th, 2023  |  59 mins 21 secs

    The Soup Group, now freshly equipped, speed back to town. Isla feels a powerful draw to the sea, Kanan and Jason's place on the Volleyball team is at risk, and Avery grapples with the less-than-friendly voice in her head.

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    Episode 33: You Know It’s All An Act

    February 21st, 2023  |  1 hr 4 mins

    A new day, a new list of errands to run! The gang helps out a friend, does some fancy wheel-work, and takes a trip out of town!

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    Episode 32: There’s a Whole Ocean in the Way

    February 7th, 2023  |  54 mins 8 secs

    Tension and emotions are high within the Soup Group as next steps are discussed. Avery and Isla grapple with conflicting priorities. Kanan continues their caretaking and Jason receives a message.

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    Episode 31: We Missed You, I Missed You.

    January 24th, 2023  |  1 hr 2 mins

    The Home Office is quiet, or so it may seem. The Soup Group charges in to save their friend, who continues to be on the receiving end of a BUNCH of cuts.

    CONTENT WARNING: Public Torture sequence continues from Start-13:00.

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    Episode 30: Nine Days

    January 10th, 2023  |  1 hr 4 mins

    CONTENT WARNING: Torture Sequence 58:00 - End

    Days have passed and The Soup Group convenes....well, most of them anyway. What extents will Avery, Isla, and Kanan go to get their friend home safe and sound?

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    Episode 29: Until I’m Brought Down

    December 27th, 2022  |  1 hr 40 mins

    The Soup Group’s solo exploits continue to tip towards the deadly! Kanan confronts a part of themself, Isla makes a decision, Avery shows she means business, and Jason refuses to back down!

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    Episode 28: This Goes A Lot Deeper

    December 13th, 2022  |  1 hr 22 mins

    The newly christened “Soup Group” each have their own solo journey! Isla has an important meeting, Avery has a dangerous run-in, Jason goes on a business call, and Kanan gets some aggressive instruction.

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    Episode 27: A Soupernatural Anniversary!!!

    November 29th, 2022  |  1 hr 38 mins

    Join us as we thank all of our amazing listeners for coming with us for ONE WHOLE YEAR. Today we have a stroll down memory lane as we look back on what our terrific teens of been up to for the last yea...I mean week or so....

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    Episode 26: You're Not a Bad Person, This is Just a Bad Day

    November 15th, 2022  |  58 mins 8 secs

    Kanan, Jason, and Avery deal with the aftermath of the battle wit Felix, while Isla goes to her meet up with Xavier.

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    Episode 25: Single Hand On the Wheel

    November 1st, 2022  |  48 mins 22 secs

    Kanan gets a little in too deep when a familiar scent wafts passed their home. Jason follows after getting a troubling text. Isla and Avery dig into Dorothea’s Journal.

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    Episode 24: Stay Strapped or Get Clapped

    October 18th, 2022  |  1 hr 6 mins

    Our Terrific Teens are back in action! Isla does some investigation before her plans with Xavier, Avery finishes her hunt, Jason makes a plan with his father and learns a new skill, and Kanan reaches out to their friend.

    CONTENT WARNING: This episode has a scene of butchering/dissecting. Those moments take place from 57:00-1:00:00.

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    Episode 23: Monologue From a Monster 2

    October 3rd, 2022  |  38 mins 38 secs

    This episode we dive back into the minds of our Terrific Teens as they share with us their feelings and thoughts about the wild set of circumstances they find themselves in!

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    Episode 22: Groban V. Brolin

    September 20th, 2022  |  1 hr 33 secs

    This week our Terrific Teens make a plan, and disperse. Isla and Jason head back to school while Kanan and Avery see what’s happening at the Hospital!

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    Episode 21: The Gaze of the Glorious One

    September 6th, 2022  |  1 hr 5 mins

    I don't think our terrible teens were planning on spending their morning in a creepy circular room in a creepy corner of the creepy aqueducts beneath their creepy town....but since they're there....might as well take a look around right?

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    Episode 20: It's Just Water

    August 23rd, 2022  |  49 mins 55 secs

    The Beach...did not go as expected! Our Terrific Teens have a sit-rep before getting back to their quest. Isla finds some loot, Avery and Jason have an awkward convo, and Kanan has a dream.